Getting Dragged Towards The Inexhaustible Affection


Friends for a lifetime falling in love is a trend that has been going on in the dramaland forever. But they are usually oblivious to their feelings or just hiding away their emotions to save a long lasting friendship. My real catnip is similar, only way too persevering and unwavering that is unlikely to exist anywhere except for the dramalands. The innocent feelings brewed at a young age that is fed with the right amount of curiosity/obsession and there you have it: A hopeful anxious individual and their constant declaration of love with or without the fear of rejection, countless times. Have a character who is just forthright about their devotion despite the numerous times of rejection and I am sold.


Now if it were in the real world, one rejection is simply enough to give up on your pining love. But in dramaland, this is an exception and each time a character gets turned down, like Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper”, they just rise from the ground and keep on fighting for the one they love. I mean, wouldn’t we just give up trying if we were Yoon Jin Yi’s Im Meahri from Gentleman’s Dignity? The huge age gap and the complexity of being in love with your brother’s BFF is enough for one to just forget it and move on. But her desperation to be with the guy she’s loved forever is just so strong that even her spoiled brat tantrums become adorable and I automatically start rooting for her love.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 11.52.39

I have come across few border line crazy characters due to this catnip of mine. Lee Shi Young’s Bu Tae Hee from The Birth of the Rich for instance was hands down a rich, spoiled, irritating brat whose obsession towards her crush only grew over time as he started approaching her arch nemesis. But it is not the “If I don’t have you, i’ll make sure no one else can” kind of dark obsession, instead her characterization is such an air-head that it is hardly relatable. With her child-like innocence admitting that she has been following around her lover since the day she learned how to walk, or feeling visually giddy about his concern and gift for her as simple as a hair-pin makes me want to believe that such a gentle heart crazy brat could actually exist!


Perhaps my obsession to this undying love could be that deep down I know this ain’t real. It’s like those fairy tales with happy endings that we have all heard about and love hearing it, but we all know that those aren’t real. I mean where else could you find a guy like Sung Joon’s Joo Wan in I Need Romance who was out there and about saying how much he loved the girl and yet was selfless enough help her realize her feelings for another man? That’s another level of selfless love right there, rarer than any other kind. Then there was Yoo Seung Ho’s Harry Borrison, the only one thing that pulled me through Missing You. Why would any girl be caught up in the perplexity in choosing the guy who has consistently showed affection for 14 years over an encounter of few blissful months for teenage love? That is just absurd injustice and it is not fair for the characters fated to go through the cruel agony of unreciprocated love for as many episodes the writer finds it best. But then it would just be hypocritical of me to play defender whilst admitting the absurdity of this undeserving pain as my ultimate catnip.


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