My Search for K-Drama Flower


Years after watching dozens of dramas with crazy hype and beautiful people, i came across one rare show that had it all and still didn’t seemed to have gotten the recognition it deserved. I read the synopsis and thought to me that this was going to be one of those teary-sappy drama that would not catch my attention for a long time. But a few episodes later, i got hooked, badly… so bad that I happened to finish the 16 episodes long drama in 2 days. Although it took a few episodes to fixate myself in the show, I was patient and let the show elaborate itself. After all, having Cha Tae Hyun and Kang Hye Jung in an offbeat comedy, I knew I was in good hands

The story tells the tale about Yoon Ho Sang (Cha Tae Hyun) and Na Ha Na (Kang Hye Jung), who discover the meaning to life as they come across various circumstances with friends, families and strangers. It is about a dying man who slowly learns to accept death and make memories with everyone he comes across. He goes through feeling unfair about his early death to slowly learning that it isn’t how long you live or how much you achieve. Rather living is about how much memories you made and how many lives you touched that makes life worth living

“That day I realized that people who do their best to be loved leave behind love even after they’re gone. People who do their best to be happy leave happiness behind when they’re gone. What will I leave behind?” –Ho Sang

The story was about how a girl who despite having exposed to death throughout her life (as her father was a funeral director), never learned how valuable life was until she falls in love with a guy waiting for his demise. She learns that love doesn’t looks for a reasons; it was an emotion that you couldn’t give a conclusion to in spite of doing all the explanation. Love comes with all inanity imagined and you cannot help yourself as you slowly fall deeper into the pit.


“Love is like a car accident. Is there any reason for a car accident? Out of nowhere, BAM! Love is like that” –Ha Na

I came in Search of a Flower has so much love and compassion that slowly fills your heart with warmth. The drama was successful in dealing serious matters of death and loss with pleasant humour and characters you sympathise. Each episode reminds you of how each day can be precious with friendship and love in your life. This show isn’t those that might linger in your head for a long time, but it definitely is among those that makes you reflect your life. And since I am a sucker of such self-reflecting shows, this drama remains to be one of my top recommended Korean drama of all time.


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